American Dental Hygienists’ Association – 75% of Americans have gum disease…

According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association an estimated 75% of Americans have some sort of periodontal disease. (

This is a very large number and we are here to help. Prevention is key when looking at things like gum disease. Brushing, and flossing twice a day are great measures to take at home but it is also important to schedule and visit your dentist and have a professional cleaning by a hygienist twice a year. Only a professional can remove the plaque and tartar build up that accumulates around the teeth and gums.

There are early warning signs that you can watch for such as:

* Red, tender, swollen gums that bleed easily.
* Bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth.
* A change in your bite, or the way your teeth fit together
* Teeth are loose or separating
* Or you can see pus between teeth and gums when pressed

If you have any of these symptoms you should call your dentist right away and make an appointment for an exam.


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