Find your polling place

Find your polling place

We are so excited that today is the day to cast our vote! Do you know where to vote? This link will guide you to the correct polling place! 

As Americans we can choose to stay home on this day or we can choose to go out and vote! Make sure that you put your vote in so that the country can hear your voice. Every vote counts! This is what the past few months have been leading up to. This is the day! 



Here is some history on voting! (Retrieved from

“The history of voting dates back to the 1840s and the idea of voting on Tuesday has been the same ever since.

For many people though, they never really understand where the idea came from and why. During that time, traveling was bumpy and took time. For most people, a day to travel to their polling site and a day back was just the right amount of time to go cast their vote.

With that in mind, Sunday was never an option and Monday was out because it was unheard of to travel on Sunday.

They considered Wednesday but with agriculture a huge industry in the United States, it was impossible because Wednesday was the farmer’s market day.

Now looking at why its the first Tuesday after a Monday in November is complicated. In this time, church was a must for many Americans and November 1st was dedicated for All Saints Day for the Catholic religion.

All Catholics were expected to be in church on this day so by making it the first Tuesday after a Monday, it was impossible to fall on the first of the month.” Brett Martin



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