What a patient told me yesterday…

Hi this is Shanna and I work for Dr. Openshaw. I wanted to take a moment to share with you today a personal story of mine. We had a patient come in yesterday who was very anxious and nervous about having her teeth looked at. It ended up that she needed to have a root canal done. Nobody’s favorite thing to do! She completed the treatment and did very well. I spoke with her later in the day and she said she was a little sore but had not needed to take any pain medication. She went on to say how impressed she was with Dr. Openshaw and how gentle he was. This makes me feel so great about working here. Knowing that I work for a Dr that genuinely cares about his patients’ needs, fears and health and that he does everything he can do to make them feel as comfortable as possible while providing quality care that they need and deserve just makes me so happy! This patient came back in today for a crown and told us all how much she appreciated us getting her in right away for treatment that she needed and that is was all completed without very much pain. She doesn’t like to take medicine and so it is very important to her that it is done gently so that she can avoid taking any. If you or someone you know has a fear of the dentist, or of dental treatment please have them call us. We can do an initial no charge consultation to meet the Dr and the team and make the patient feel comfortable first before we do anything in the way of treatment. We know that this visit can make a huge difference in the life of a patient. Most patients that have anxiety about the dentist are usually very comfortable here. Call me today at (209) 524-4763… I look forward to helping people everyday!


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