We love new patients!

Have you ever called a dental office and been told that they were not accepting new patients? We hear that it happens but it will never happen here! At the office of Philip Openshaw D.D.S. we LOVE new patients. We do not do any advertising and all of our patients come to us because they know someone who goes here, works here or knows someone who does. This ends up being the best patient! They already know us and trust us or at least feel as though they can. We treat our patients more like family than customers. This is beneficial to our patients because you know you are getting the care you deserve. It also helps when you know someone who needs a dentist because you can rest assured that you are sending them to a warm caring environment with the high quality dental care they deserve.  Remember we do immediate load implants, laser gum surgery, same day crowns as well as all other traditional dental procedures and we have a fantastic dental hygienist named Mary who does all of our preventative cleanings. My information is below if you would like to check us out online (there is a lot of educational material on our website) we love to connect online via Facebook too!

Shanna Oliveri, Marketing Manager

at the office of Philip Openshaw DDS

(209) 524-4763   –  (209) 524-7787 fax





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