Dental exams for Kindergarten registration…

Dental examinations are required for kindergarten registration in most school districts. We would love to meet your little ones and give them a great first dental office experience. This visit is about more than paperwork for school. This is oftentimes a childs first visit to a dentist. If you or someone you know has a little one who will be starting school this year then it is time to get scheduled for those dental examinations. It is not best to wait until the last minute. Plus what a great segway into the routine of going to the dentist! Most of our tiny patients have already been seen in our office by the time they reach the kindergarten registration age of 4-5 years old but we know that some families do not ever see a dentist until this visit. We make every effort to make your child feel comfortable and to make it a fun visit as well as an educational one. They will get to meet Dr. Openshaw and also our caring assistants. We will check for any decay, go over proper brushing technique and of course give them a goody bag with things to use at home. Call us today to schedule your little ones first visit. Remember you dont have to wait for kindergarten registration for that first visit. If they have teeth they can become patients. The earlier the better to get them used to being in the office, and in the chair.  2-3 years old is usually when most first visits take place. We call this a “chair ride” and make it very easy and very fun with no real agenda except to create a fun experience that they will want to come back for.  We look forward to meeting your tiny humans soon! 

(209) 524-4763 Philip Openshaw DDS

400 E Orangeburg Ave St4 – Modesto CA 95350


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