Dentist Modesto CA

Dr. Openshaw is a General dentist providing care to the Modesto area residents and all of the surrounding communities. We love new patients. We love our existing patients. Dr. Openshaw strives for conservative dentistry, not over doing treatment. We prefer to save any and all teeth that we can. Our CEREC machine and Dental Implants allow us to help those that need restorative treatment without doing bridges that affect surrounding teeth or bulky partials. We do Invisalign and have an Elite Invisalign provider who works out of our office so that you can get the most comprehensive care and the best treatment possible. We also see children. In fact I had a parent call us for a referral to a dentist that worked on children. I let him know that we could see his child. He was a little worried that his child was too active to come here and would need to see a pediatric dentist only. I told him to bring him by and meet the team. The child did so well he actually got his x-rays, exam and cleaning! Dad was impressed and happy that he didn’t have to find another provider to care for his little one. We were glad to offer this trial run that ended up going perfectly. If you have a little one that needs to be seen call us to set up a “chair ride” and lets see if we are a good fit for your little one too! Call today 209-524-4763


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