Dental office anxiety…

Dental office anxiety is very real and can be very overwhelming for those that feel it! Many of our patients have told us that they have a lot of fear and or anxiety about going to the dentist. We invite them to come in and see us. Meet Dr. Openshaw, meet all of the team. We invite them to come in and see the office in a neutral light, not for treatment but just as a place with people and get some general questions answered.  The benefit of coming in to meet everyone first is that it takes some of the unknown out of the equation.Then we ask that you schedule an appointment for x-rays and an exam with Dr. Openshaw to see what is going on in your mouth. Dr. Openshaw will check for overall oral health as well as any decay issues that are present. Dr. Openshaw will answer all of your dental questions and see what you really want to do in regards to your smile.

Are you happy with your smile? What would your perfect smile look like for you? We want to address any issues that can cause problems but we also want to help you achieve your best smile!

In our office we offer Sedation dentistry. This is especially helpful for those with fear or anxiety. We help you stay comfortable while you have your dental treatment done. You are not put to sleep, you are awake and you just feel as if you your mind is in another place. You can answer questions and are conscious. We have had many patients who have said this was the best decision they ever made to have their dental treatment completed. If you have any questions about oral conscious sedation or anything else dental related please call our office. We would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Here is an image showing what happens when you are afraid of the dentist. You then don’t go and avoid care, which causes more dental problems and decay issues. Maybe you start losing teeth or getting gum disease. Then you feel guilty for not going and it only adds to your anxiety. Come today! Stop the cycle! Let us help you take control of any issues you have! You will feel empowered! You will be comfortable! You will be happy!



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