Is a dental implant right for you?


Here at the dental office of Philip Openshaw DDS we love helping people reach their goals of a great smile! A healthy smile! Dental implants are one way that we achieve this goal with many of our patients.

Picture this, you are driving in your car and you put your tongue around your mouth and notice a broken tooth. A few hours later you hear a crunch when eating and you put your tongue back where the broken tooth was earlier that day and it is gone. Fractured off at the gumline. There may or may not be pain. There most likely are root tips left under the gumline, so you will want to see a dentist right away to avoid an abscess. Now you are missing a tooth. Oh no! What is the first thing you would do? Our thought? Call us! We can place implants same day and get you on your way to a “new tooth” to take the place of the broken one.

Dental implants are the next best thing to a natural tooth. If you have lost a tooth you know the pain of missing that tooth that had been in your mouth since you were a small child. If its a back tooth and may not be noticeable to the outside world, it is still very noticeable to you. It is hard to eat, sometimes painful, and also you have probably heard your dentist tell you that the “opposing” (the one on the top or bottom of where the missing tooth is) tooth is at risk because it has nothing to hit against when you close your mouth. Of course if it is a front tooth that is noticeable when you smile the same things can be true but you have the added discomfort of not wanting to smile, and being self conscious all the time. Some people will wear a flipper (a tooth that is on a retainer like appliance) but they usually have to take them out to eat and that can be embarrassing especially in social situations. Dental implants solve these issues. They give you the look and feel you deserve!

Call us with any questions that you may have about dental implants. We strive to address your concerns and needs in a gentle professional and timely manner.

Visit our website at for more information on dental implants or call our office to set up a no charge consultation appointment. (209) 524-4763


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