We strive to educate our patients…

The other day we had a woman call our office for pricing on certain procedures. In our attempt to make sure that apples were being compared to apples we asked her several questions BEFORE we gave any answers. This is not in any way to deter from the question asked. We want to tell you how much things cost, we just want to make sure that we are giving you the best information possible.

If you call into any office and ask “how much is a crown” and they quote you so low that you choose to go there based on price you might be unsatisfied with your visit. (We know you also may be very satisfied and that is the bet case scenario of course) Say you make that choice and you go to the cheapest office. When you get there, you might be surprised,  there may be a lot of other fees that they add to the treatment. That is what we try to avoid. We cannot accurately diagnose dental treatment over the phone so we always try to schedule a consult appointment. Then we can give you an estimate which still can always change if we get going into the tooth and there is more extensive decay to the tooth than originally thought. Dentistry is sort of an art. Finding the beauty in a perfectly healthy smile we strive to get your mouth to its optimum health. We listen to our patients and we want to address your concerns. We care about our patients. If you or anyone you know needs dental advice, or dental care please send them our way. We would love to meet them. (209) 524-4763.


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