Promote good dental habits in your kids!


As a parent you know that your kids are constantly watching you and what you do. Make sure that they see you brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Its a good idea to make it a fun time of activity, and maybe even add a little song! Here is an example of one but you can make up your own, that is always fun too! ( Kids like to have fun, so get them a fun toothbrush! You can pick up a kids battery operated Crest Pro Health for ME toothbrush here at the office for $25. Get a toothpaste, sometimes kids don’t like the adult variety because it tastes “too spicy”. Show them how to brush the front, the backs and the chewing surfaces of teeth and how to floss them too. You can set in motion a lifetime of good oral hygiene by creating a morning and bedtime routine of this! Prevention is the best medicine and tooth decay is a very preventable problem. We like to see kids for their cleanings and tell them that they have no cavities! They get so happy about this. We often see siblings that compete about which one will have no or fewer cavities than the other. That is what we like to hear! Our hygienists are really awesome about giving tips and tools to the kids to make sure that they know what to do, how to do it and why they need to do it. You only get one set of adult teeth so we remind the kids that they want to have them for a llllllooooooonnnnnngggggg time. Come and meet our team if you haven’t yet and bring the kids in. We love new patients and we love kids! Hope to see you soon!


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