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You have questions… we have answers…

Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. This is a great way for you to meet our team, and of course to meet Dr. Openshaw. See if we are a good fit for you! You can take a tour of the office and check out our dental equipment. We want to make sure that your questions are answered so that you can make the best decisions regarding your dental care. We will research any insurance that you may have helping out with the cost of treatment, and we can go over several other financial options also. We help out in every possible way to get you the care you need and want so that you can be on your way to a healthier smile! Summer is a great time for our patients to take advantage of time off and use that time to take care of themselves. Get the kids in before school starts. Send them to school with the peace of mind knowing that their cavities are filled, the teeth are cleaned and orthodontic treatment is started if necessary. With Invisalign you have less office visits than traditional ortho. Call us for more info on scheduling a consult to see if your teen would be a good candidate for Invisalign TEEN. Stock up on electric toothbrush heads if you need them, or make the first purchase of an electric toothbrush, and a waterpik water flosser to help get those gums back to a healthy state! We can help with all of this and we L♥VE to help! We are always accepting new patients too! So tell a friend! If you have any questions at all please just call us! (209) 524-+4763


Your Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first dental visit should and can be fun!

It is a good idea to acclimate your infant to dental care by wiping his or her gums with a clean, wet cloth after feeding. By the age of two, all of an infant’s teeth are usually visible. Parents should continue cleaning teeth with a clean wash cloth or gauze pad.

At Dr. Openshaw’s office we usually start with a “chair ride” this can be done as early as one year old.

When your child is about 1000 days old (3 months before their 3rd birthday), generate excitement about how they will soon have their 3rd birthday and they get to go to the dentist on their birthday. This child will then associate the visit to the dentist as a special treat just like their birthday. So plan to schedule a “meet the dentist visit” on their birthday with Mom and Dad! The first visit is a fun adventure where the child rides in the chair, has his teeth counted, and has his teeth polished.

One of our prime objectives is to make your child a good dental patient who will be able to accept routine dental treatment. This process must begin at home prior to the first visit. Listed are some suggestions to guide you.

Suggestions for Parents

  1. Dental visits are part of growing up. Please do not indicate in any way that there is anything to fear.
  2. At subsequent visits you might not tell your child about the visit until the day of the visit as you should be making the point that they are no big deal and not even worth mentioning.
  3. If your child requires more information, you can explain that the doctor will look at his teeth to make sure they are healthy.
  4. Make appointment days easy and try to see that your youngster is well-rested.
  5. Don’t threaten a visit to the dentist as punishment for misbehavior.

Our office is committed to a policy of prevention. Through early visits and treatments, we can prevent dental decay and infections. Orthodontic problems can also benefit by early recognition and treatment.

Your child, with your cooperation, can become an excellent dental patient with a healthy  mouth and a pretty smile. We can’t wait to see your precious little ones!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us! It’s an important decision! (209) 524-4763

Dental exams for Kindergarten registration…

Dental examinations are required for kindergarten registration in most school districts. We would love to meet your little ones and give them a great first dental office experience. This visit is about more than paperwork for school. This is oftentimes a childs first visit to a dentist. If you or someone you know has a little one who will be starting school this year then it is time to get scheduled for those dental examinations. It is not best to wait until the last minute. Plus what a great segway into the routine of going to the dentist! Most of our tiny patients have already been seen in our office by the time they reach the kindergarten registration age of 4-5 years old but we know that some families do not ever see a dentist until this visit. We make every effort to make your child feel comfortable and to make it a fun visit as well as an educational one. They will get to meet Dr. Openshaw and also our caring assistants. We will check for any decay, go over proper brushing technique and of course give them a goody bag with things to use at home. Call us today to schedule your little ones first visit. Remember you dont have to wait for kindergarten registration for that first visit. If they have teeth they can become patients. The earlier the better to get them used to being in the office, and in the chair.  2-3 years old is usually when most first visits take place. We call this a “chair ride” and make it very easy and very fun with no real agenda except to create a fun experience that they will want to come back for.  We look forward to meeting your tiny humans soon! 

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