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Invisalign … the CLEAR alternative to braces…

Dr. Openshaw offers No charge – No obligation consultation appointments. Come see if Invisalign is the way to go for you.

Are you looking for a dentist who offers Invisalign in Modesto, CA? Look no further…

Invisalign® braces are clear plastic aligner trays that provide orthodontic patients with straight teeth and an even, healthy smile. These trays are custom-fabricated to apply precise pressure and gradually move teeth into better alignment. This non-invasive approach to correcting tooth and bite alignment problems is an alternative to metal and tooth-colored braces. It is especially beneficial for patients who feel self-conscious about wearing traditional braces. If you choose to get Invisalign in Modesto, you can correct the following:

• Crooked teeth

• Unevenly spaced teeth

• Overcrowded teeth

• Mild to moderate bite problems


Who is a Candidate for Invisalign®?

The Invisalign® system has been used in the US since 1998. At first, only adult patients were treated using these trays. Today, teen patients whose molars have fully emerged are also candidates for this procedure. There is no upper age limit on treatment for patients without major dental health issues. You must be willing and able to wear the trays as instructed for best results. Invisalign® is most commonly used to correct mild to moderate tooth crookedness and spacing issues. Patients with severe bite problems are usually treated with traditional braces instead because they can be augmented with additional orthodontic appliances like bands or headgear. If you have fixed dental restorations such as bridges or dental implants, you may not be a good candidate for Invisalign® treatment.

Invisalign® Procedure Overview

If you are considering having Invisalign in Modesto, CA, the treatment process starts with a visual dental exam and a consultation. Photos, x-rays and computer imaging are used to create a precise treatment plan that will deliver the results you want. This digital technology lets you see what your final smile will look like before you even start using Invisalign®. Molds of your upper and lower teeth are sent to the Invisalign® laboratory so your aligner trays can be custom made. All of the trays used during your treatment are created at the same time.

Once your trays arrive, installation is as simple as placing them over your teeth. You must wear these trays at least 22 hours per day. Every two-to-three weeks, you will move on to the next set of trays in your treatment series. This way, you keep constant, gentle pressure on your teeth to move them into the correct position. You will need a quick checkup visit every six weeks or so to ensure treatment is progressing as planned. Invisalign® trays don’t require any special care. You can simply brush them gently and rinse them with warm water whenever you take them out.

Because Invisalign® braces are typically used for less severe bite misalignment, treatment may last six-to-18 months. However, some patients need more time to achieve their desired results. After you are finished with your aligner trays, you will be fitted with a retainer. You must wear this retainer as directed to keep your teeth from drifting back to their old position.

“The Clear Alternative to Braces” They are practically invisible. There has never been a better time to get started on your Invisalign treatment case. We have brought on board an Elite Invisalign Provider to provide you with expertise of Dr. Openshaw and Dr. Cater for your perfect smile.

We offer NO CHARGE first consultations. Call us today to schedule. (209) 524-4763


Why Choose Invisalign®?

This tooth alignment system offers three main benefits compared to traditional braces. First, the trays are clear plastic. Unlike other “invisible” braces that still feature metal wires, there is no metal at all in the Invisalign® trays. This makes them even less noticeable than both tooth-colored ceramic braces and lingual braces (the kind attached to the tongue-side surface of the teeth). Once you get used to talking normally with the trays in your mouth, other people may not even be able to tell you are wearing braces.

Second, there are no brackets or ties. This means there are no protruding components that can irritate the tongue, gums and other sensitive oral tissues. You do not need to coat Invisalign® braces with dental wax to stay comfortable.

Third, these trays are removable. You can (and should) remove the trays for each meal and during tooth brushing and flossing. You can eat a normal, healthy diet without restricting foods that might get stuck in or damage metal braces. Since the trays do not interfere with normal hygiene by making flossing more challenging, you may be less likely to experience tooth decay and gingivitis as a side effect of orthodontic treatment.


More Information about Invisalign®

While Invisalign braces are very comfortable compared to metal braces, they may cause initial soreness by placing pressure on your teeth. You may experience a recurrence of soreness each time you switch to a new set of trays. Over the counter pain relievers may help with this symptom.

These clear plastic aligner trays generally cost about as much as traditional braces. Some dental insurance plans cover a portion of treatment costs. Other affordable payment options are available for patients without insurance.


For more information about Invisalign in Modesto, CA, please feel free to call our office or email us. (209) 524-4763 or on facebook at www.facebook.com/openshawsmiles


You have questions… we have answers…

Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation. This is a great way for you to meet our team, and of course to meet Dr. Openshaw. See if we are a good fit for you! You can take a tour of the office and check out our dental equipment. We want to make sure that your questions are answered so that you can make the best decisions regarding your dental care. We will research any insurance that you may have helping out with the cost of treatment, and we can go over several other financial options also. We help out in every possible way to get you the care you need and want so that you can be on your way to a healthier smile! Summer is a great time for our patients to take advantage of time off and use that time to take care of themselves. Get the kids in before school starts. Send them to school with the peace of mind knowing that their cavities are filled, the teeth are cleaned and orthodontic treatment is started if necessary. With Invisalign you have less office visits than traditional ortho. Call us for more info on scheduling a consult to see if your teen would be a good candidate for Invisalign TEEN. Stock up on electric toothbrush heads if you need them, or make the first purchase of an electric toothbrush, and a waterpik water flosser to help get those gums back to a healthy state! We can help with all of this and we L♥VE to help! We are always accepting new patients too! So tell a friend! If you have any questions at all please just call us! (209) 524-+4763

Is a dental implant right for you?


Here at the dental office of Philip Openshaw DDS we love helping people reach their goals of a great smile! A healthy smile! Dental implants are one way that we achieve this goal with many of our patients.

Picture this, you are driving in your car and you put your tongue around your mouth and notice a broken tooth. A few hours later you hear a crunch when eating and you put your tongue back where the broken tooth was earlier that day and it is gone. Fractured off at the gumline. There may or may not be pain. There most likely are root tips left under the gumline, so you will want to see a dentist right away to avoid an abscess. Now you are missing a tooth. Oh no! What is the first thing you would do? Our thought? Call us! We can place implants same day and get you on your way to a “new tooth” to take the place of the broken one.

Dental implants are the next best thing to a natural tooth. If you have lost a tooth you know the pain of missing that tooth that had been in your mouth since you were a small child. If its a back tooth and may not be noticeable to the outside world, it is still very noticeable to you. It is hard to eat, sometimes painful, and also you have probably heard your dentist tell you that the “opposing” (the one on the top or bottom of where the missing tooth is) tooth is at risk because it has nothing to hit against when you close your mouth. Of course if it is a front tooth that is noticeable when you smile the same things can be true but you have the added discomfort of not wanting to smile, and being self conscious all the time. Some people will wear a flipper (a tooth that is on a retainer like appliance) but they usually have to take them out to eat and that can be embarrassing especially in social situations. Dental implants solve these issues. They give you the look and feel you deserve!

Call us with any questions that you may have about dental implants. We strive to address your concerns and needs in a gentle professional and timely manner.

Visit our website at www.openshawsmiles.com for more information on dental implants or call our office to set up a no charge consultation appointment. (209) 524-4763

Risk Factors for Gum Disease… Do any apply to you?

Here at the dental office of Dr. Philip Openshaw, we stress “prevention” we really want to help you KEEP healthy teeth and gums all of your life. It is much easier to keep things healthy than get them back to healthy once they progress to an unhealthy state. First things first, everyone should be doing these three things

*Brushing for at least 2 full minutes twice a day

*Flossing daily

*Using an alcohol free mouth rinse

In addition to these top three there are many other things you can do to prevent problems in the mouth. Eating a balanced nutritional diet, chewing gum with Xylitol after meals (when you can’t brush), and seeing your dentist twice a year are several other that we recommend.

If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call! We are always here to answer any questions you may have. (209) 524-4763

Here is some information from the American Academy of Periodontology::

“Gum Disease Risk Factors
The main cause of periodontal (gum) disease is plaque, but other factors affect the health of your gums.

Studies indicate that older people have the highest rates of periodontal disease. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that over 70% of Americans 65 and older have periodontitis.

Smoking/Tobacco Use
Tobacco use is linked with many serious illnesses such as cancer, lung disease and heart disease, as well as numerous other health problems. Tobacco users also are at increased risk for periodontal disease. Studies have shown that tobacco use may be one of the most significant risk factors in the development and progression of periodontal disease.

Research has indicated that some people may be genetically susceptible to gum disease. Despite aggressive oral care habits, these people may be more likely to develop periodontal disease. Identifying these people with a genetic test before they even show signs of the disease and getting them into early intervention treatment may help them keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Stress is linked to many serious conditions such as hypertension, cancer, and numerous other health problems. Stress also is a risk factor for periodontal disease. Research demonstrates that stress can make it more difficult for the body to fight off infection, including periodontal diseases.

Some drugs, such as oral contraceptives, anti-depressants, and certain heart medicines, can affect your oral health. Just as you notify your pharmacist and other health care providers of all medicines you are taking and any changes in your overall health, you should also inform your dental care provider.

Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth
Clenching or grinding your teeth can put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and could speed up the rate at which these periodontal tissues are destroyed.

Other Systemic Diseases
Other systemic diseases that interfere with the body’s inflammatory system may worsen the condition of the gums. These include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Poor Nutrition and Obesity
A diet low in important nutrients can compromise the body’s immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off infection. Because periodontal disease begins as an infection, poor nutrition can worsen the condition of your gums. In addition, research has shown that obesity may increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Article taken from http://www.perio.org/consumer/risk-factors

CEREC (single visit) crowns…

It amazes us that people still sound surprised when we tell them that we can get them in for their crown and complete it in one single visit.  We have been doing this for years. Our new patients oftentimes find this to be very surprising and they really like it. They don’t have to take multiple days off of work or school. They can come in and have their treatment done and be on their way in the matter of a couple of hours.

CEREC technology is fascinating! Here is how it all works. You come into the office needing a crown. Dr. Openshaw uses CAD/CAM technology to take a digital impression of the tooth needing restoration. He then designs the crown to fit perfectly into your mouth. The crown is then milled on the CEREC machine. You can actually watch your new crown being made. This process takes about 7 minutes. The crown is prepped and then permanently bonded to the existing tooth structure that remains and has been prepped for crown placement. A final x-ray is taken and Voila! you are ready to go! The whole process takes about 2 hours.

Cerec block with tooth

We love to help people attain the smiles they deserve! We value your time and we value you! We strive to make your visit comfortable, and as smooth as possible. Transitioning from your work day to your dental appointment and most times our patietns can return to work immediately after their visit. Call us today for a no charge consultation to see if we are a right fit for you and your family! (209) 524-4763


CEREC crowns come with a 5 year guarantee*. (Call office for details, limitations and requirements)

Taking control of your oral health

As a child you were told to brush and floss and probably even rinse with mouthwash. As an adult nothing should change in that routine except that you are busier than ever. We know brushing, flossing and rinsing helps our smile to stay bright and our breath to smell fresh! But did you know that its so much more than that? Read on to see why its so important to make your oral health a priority!

It affects your overall health! Oral health also affects your confidence and some would even go as far to say it affects your future. Overall health has been tied to oral health in many ways. To name a few heart health, diabetes and when your teeth and gums harbor bacteria it makes it easier for bacteria to reach your bloodstream and become a problem elsewhere in the body. Bacteria is naturally occuring in the mouth hence the reason its so important to get combat it several times a day. If we neglect to do this then the bacteria builds up to a substance called plaque. As plaque accumulates it causes inflamation in the gums, which then leads to more and more problems if its not taken care of.

Make sure that you schedule an appointment with your dental hygeinist twice a year at least (and more if needed). Depending on the severity of the condition of your teeth and gums there may be more treatment needed. Listen to your dentist. If you are uncomfortable with what they say then get a second opinion but dont wait too long as things that are wrong in the mouth do not go away on their own, they only worsen.

We are here to address any dental concerns that you may have. We love to educate our patients on all things dental. Everyone can benefit from a trip to the dentist. From the one year old to the elderly. There is almost always something that can be done in our office. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to call us! (209) 524-4763.

Send them our way…


We appreciate our patients. So much that we have started giving away a monthly gift. How do you enter? You come into the office. That’s it! Super easy for you and super fun for us! We love to see our patients! Our patients are oftentimes our friends and family, or friends and family of our friends and family, now thats a mouthfull!  We treat our patients how we would want to be treated… nice, gentle and with compassion.

If you know a family looking for a new family dentist, maybe they are new to the area or just haven’t been seen in years, send them our way.

If you know someone who is missing a tooth, send them our way.

If you know someone with children who have not yet seen a dentist send them our way.

If you know someone who complains of tooth pain, or jaw pain, or crooked teeth… send them our way.

If someone tells you that they want to whiten their teeth, send them our way!

If a friend mentions that she wishes her smile was more beautiful, send her our way!

If your co-worker says he doenst understand his dental insurance, send him our way!

We can help all of these individuals. We take what each and every patient needs into full account when talking with them. Every patient wants and needs something specific and we try and help them get exactly that. No two sets of teeth are the same. Everyone has a unique “dental fingerprint” and so we treat each person as such.

Dr. O truly cares about you…

Here at Dr. Openshaw’s office we truly care. Dr O is genuinely concerned about the oral health and overall well-being of his patients. He wants everyone to have the smile they really want and of course we think that everyone deserves a great smile! We love to see people smiling bigger and having a brighter smile to show off! If you or someone you know needs a smile evaluation we do those for free in our office. We take some time to go over what the patient wants and needs in order to bring optimal health to their mouth and also any aesthetics that we can help with to perfect the smile. We love new patients!

To see more about our office visit our website at www.OpenshawSmiles.com

We do everything dental!

Comprehensive, periodic and limited dental exams, digital x-rays, Laser Gum Surgery, composite (tooth colored) fillings, Single visit CEREC crowns, root canal therapy, Dental implants, screw retained dentures, partials, flippers (for missing tooth), NTI night guards for TMJ Disorders, custom at home whitening kit, 3d pano digital xray, Invisalign. We provide Sedation dentistry to those with anxiety or fear, or for those who have an extensive list of treatment to have done. We offer sleep apnea assessments and provide a dental option of treatment to help with Sleep Apnea.  We carry a variety of retail products such as the electric toothbrush, the waterpik, various samples and professional grade mouthrinses. Our fabulous hygienist Mary does cleanings, periodontal cleanings, root planing and scaling.

We see children too! From their very first “Chair Ride” visit to meet the team to their Kindergarten registration visits, also doing sealants, topical fluoride and anything else that they need.

Don’t hesitate to get the care you deserve! Call us today at (209) 524-4763.


Smile and the whole world smiles with you!

Frown and you frown alone, but smile and the whole world smiles with you. With 19 variations on the smile, including 16 produced by enjoyable emotions,[1] smiling is an incredibly important part of our lives. Here’s how to develop your grin.

This is a fun article to prompt you to think about how you smile, and what it does for you (and for those around you) when you do! Found at http://www.wikihow.com/Smile Let us help you get the smile you deserve! Call today! Philip Openshaw D.D.S. – Modesto CA – (209) 524-4763

“Become comfortable with smiling. If you’re not used to smiling regularly, overcoming your nervousness or cynicism about smiling can take a little practice but like any habit, it’s easy to reform with time. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • A smile always looks good. Feeling nervous about the beauty or appearance of your smile is unnecessary. Trust that your smile makes you look great.
  • A smile is professional. Smiling at work or during other professional occasions is not going to make you seem unprofessional. Quite the opposite, a smile will humanize you and make you appear more approachable. People will appreciate your recognition of their worth and of a job well done when you smile.
  • A smile makes you real. If you’re afraid of appearing vulnerable when you smile, accept that any form of vulnerability suggested by a smile is precisely what makes it such a powerful act. You’re opening yourself up to others and people will respond better to that than to a serious, unmoved demeanor. Moreover, a smile accompanied by an assertive personality will take care of any sense that people will use your smile to walk all over you!
  • 2

    Make your smile genuine. While it is perfectly possible to crack a smile when you feel terrible, angry, annoyed, or you’re up to something nefarious, a genuine smile is much harder to fake; indeed, only around 10 percent of the population can manage that feat.[2]

    • A genuine smile is detectable by others because it is accompanied by a general glow, smiling eyes where the outer corners crinkle and the lower lid tightens, and a reassuring demeanor that helps the viewer to feel more at ease in your presence. A genuine smile comes from being happy, positive, and from drawing your feelings from the heart.
    • Think happy thoughts. The easiest way to a fantastic, genuine smile is to be happy. Think about someone you care about (perhaps the person standing in front of you as you smile), about something that you genuinely love to do, or think of a funny joke that you just find hilarious. Or think about the happiest moments in your life.
    • Be genuine. Draw on your heartfelt feelings, not just rationalizations. When you’re confronted by a person or situation that makes you feel ambivalent and you’re oscillating between giving the cold shoulder or smiling, err on the side of smiling – find one single thing in your heart that is positive about the person or situation before you, and use that to create your smile.
    • Love people and your life. It’s much easier to produce friendly, easygoing, genuine smiles when you love what you do, when you love the people around you, and when you love humanity in general. Be grateful for all that you have and you’ll find smiles come far more naturally.
    • Be playful. Intense times can make us too serious. See life as an adventure, be gentle on yourself and watch children at play. Being playful will bring a smile to your face much more easily.
  • 3

    Smile with your eyes. A wholehearted smile will naturally draw in the eyes (called a Duchenne smile). It is commonplace to hear a person say “her eyes were smiling”, or to say “he didn’t mean it; he was smiling but his eyes weren’t”. The eyes are essential for a genuine, warm smile. Your eyes light up, twinkle, and reflect your happiness. While it’s hard to fake this unless you’re really feeling it, you can try this exercise:

    • To get a feel for how to make your eyes smile, stand in front of a mirror and practice smiling, but concentrate only on your eyes. You may find it helpful to cover the lower part of your face with a piece of paper. Play around with it a bit, and you’ll find that you can make your mouth smile when your eyes aren’t smiling, and you can also smile only with your eyes. When your eyes do smile, remember how it feels, which muscles are working and how. With practice, you may discover how to smile with your eyes at will by relying on your feelings and muscle memory.
  • 4

    Practice your smile. There is no harm in practicing your smile – doing so will increase your smiling confidence, improve your sense of well-being,[3] and help you to learn which of your smiles are your best.

    • Look at photos of yourself smiling, with a closed mouth, open mouth, and from different angles. Which smiles and poses make your face light up the most? Which smile displays your other features to their best possible advantage? Which smile comes across as the most natural, the most “you”?
    • Find that picture and focus on what your face is doing. Then practice in front of a mirror until you get it just right. Keep practicing, and pay attention to how that great smile feels, so that you’ll be able to replicate it without looking in a mirror. Soon it will become second nature, and you’ll likely find that you’ll look more photogenic in your next batch of pictures.
    • If you want to improve your smile, look at pictures of smiles you believe are beautiful. Also, remember that you’re beautiful (inside and out); your smile is bound to look better if you feel good about yourself!
    • Note the difference between a smile and a grin. Grins bare a lot more teeth (think Cheshire Cat) and are not necessarily flattering on all people, although for some people they can make you appear cute. If you’re prone to grinning and it’s not doing your appearance any favors, try showing only your upper teeth when you smile. Showing your lower teeth can make it seem you’re baring your teeth.
    • When showing teeth, pressing the tongue behind the teeth will make small gaps look less noticeable.
    • Practice smiling at random strangers.[4] Make a choice that you’ll do this, make brief eye contact with a person, and smile. As you do so, think happy thoughts (it helps to choose someone attractive to begin with). Don’t choose a person with sunglasses; you need to see their eyes. Not everyone will smile back but note how you feel when they do!
  • 5

    Maintain good oral hygiene. One thing that can cause you to fear smiling is the worry that there is something stuck between your teeth, or that you have bad breath. Eliminate these hygiene sources of worry by taking active steps to keep your mouth fresh and clean.

    • Brush your teeth and tongue regularly, carry floss with you wherever you go so that you can clean up after dining, and have breath freshener on you at all times (natural or commercial).
    • See your dentist regularly for teeth check-ups and cleaning, as well as discussing options for teeth straightening, etc., if this is a concern for you. When you smile people will inevitably look at your mouth, so following these considerations will help you make a better impression, and, more importantly, a healthy mouth will make you feel more confident about smiling.
    • If your teeth are stained, consider your lifestyle habits that bring this about and try to minimize the impacts of such habits as smoking or drinking too much red wine, coffee, soft drinks, etc.
    • Keep your lips in great shape to prevent chapping.
    • Deal with bad breath. If it’s surface, cleaning and fresheners should be adequate. If these do not work, it may be a sign of an underlying health problem, so see your doctor for advice.
  • 6

    Expect smiling to be difficult in some situations. Smiling on demand can be difficult, whether it’s for a photo or for the sake of keeping mom happy when the relatives you can’t stand visit. This is because you are feeling self-conscious or you lack a genuine reason for smiling. In these sorts of cases, smiling needs to come from your memory of good smiles along with a little self-kidding or jokes in the head.

    • For a photo, smile 20 percent more than you think you should.[5]
    • Smile wide and show the top row of teeth.
  • 7

    Enjoy the many benefits of a smile. In order to want to smile, it really helps to know what benefits a smile can bring to your day. The following benefits are bound to make you lean towards sharing a grin with others most of the day:

    • Smiles improve your appearance. Charles Gordy once quipped: “A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks”. All you need to do is think about how you feel about a person who is frowning and a person who is smiling – who tends to be the better looking?
    • Smiles make things right again and say much more than words can. If you’ve goofed, said something less than complimentary, feel lost or alone, or feel down, a smile can restore the balance. It lets other people know that you’re prepared to be open with them, and that you’re willingly agreeing to make amends where needed.
    • Smiles create trust and rapport. A smile is a great way of establishing mutual feelings of being on the same level as others, whether that is one-to-one or in front of a group giving a presentation. It says “I’m OK, you’re OK, and we’re all going to enjoy one another’s company.”
    • Smiles make you feel good. Even if you’re feeling a little blue, insert happy thoughts into your mind and just add that smile. It will trick your mind into feeling better, as endorphins are released to reduce physical or emotional stress.[6][7]
    • Smiles make other people feel good. An open-mouthed smile is visible from further away than a frown, offering people reassurance that you’re friendly.[8] And it makes people feel better to see a smile, from afar or close-up.
    • Wrinkles are better when they’re smile lines rather than frown lines. Mark Twain said: “Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been”; viewed this way, smiles are an indication of your overall character, which becomes more and more outwardly telling as you age!
    • Smiling is a good long-term predictor of happier life outcomes.[9] It’s correlated with health, happiness, friends, success, and a longer life.[10]
    • See How to Smile for Better Health.
    • See How to Smile to Be Happy.”

    Call us today to set up your no charge consultation to see if we can help you with the smile of your dreams. Philip Openshaw – Modesto CA – (209)524-4763

Openshaw Dental Referral Program


Here at our office we completely appreciate that our patients trust us and value us enough to send their friends and family to us! We want to make sure that they feel that appreciation too! We have a really cool referral program! Check out our website for more information on that!
Also while you are there you can see all of the services that we provide, including sedation dentistry, invisalign, single visit crowns, laser gum surgery and of course all of the general dentistry services you would expect.

We also see children! Yup! That’s right. Dr is a cosmetic dentist, with an eye for the perfect smile and he also sees your children! What a better way to instill good hygiene than starting early.

We are located in Modesto at 400 Orangeburg Avenue between McHenry and Sunrise. We are open Monday from 8am -5pm and Tuesday through Thursday 7:30am – 5pm.

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